Praise for Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2022

The Guide to Chinese Climate Change Policy 2022 is an important resource for anyone interested in climate change, China or both. This deeply-researched book provides detailed information on China’s greenhouse gas emissions, energy policies, climate diplomacy and more. I recommend it to policymakers, experts and anyone interested in these important issues. Kevin Rudd, President, Asia Society and former Prime Minister, Australia
David Sandalow has updated his Guide to Chinese Climate Policy for the first time in three years. He and his team of co-authors have produced a reference that — like its predecessor volume — is comprehensive, up-to-date and a great resource for both researchers and practitioners. Robert Stavins, A. J. Meyer Professor of Energy and Economic Development, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
In the global effort to protect the climate, no country matters more than China. David Sandalow, Michal Meidan, Philip Andrews-Speed, Anders Hove, Sally Qiu and Edmund Downie have compiled the definitive guide to Chinese actions—both at home and abroad. Impressive in scope and depth, their study puts a spotlight on many important signs of progress along with some challenges that are deeply worrying. China remains essential to global engagement on climate change yet, in many ways, trends in Chinese policy are getting harder for outsiders to understand. This book sheds much needed light. David Victor, Professor of Innovation and Public Policy, School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
David Sandalow’s Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2022 brings up to date the outstanding 2019 Guide and adds eight chapters on pertinent topics beyond the scope of the earlier work. Like its predecessor, the 2022 Guide provides concise, clear, and objective explanations and summary evaluations of China’s wide-ranging, multifaceted policies to address climate change. This deeply researched expanded and updated volume is a truly wonderful resource for anyone interested in this vitally important topic. Kenneth Lieberthal, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan, and Senior Fellow Emeritus, The Brookings Institution
I’ve been a reader of David Sandalow’s Guide for years, use it, and look forward to each edition. It is an excellent, readable, practical discussion of climate policy in a country that is indispensable to combating climate change. Sandalow is great guide, deeply knowledgeable about China and practiced in the art of climate and energy diplomacy. Todd Stern, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution and former US Special Climate Envoy

Guide to Chinese Climate Policy