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Guide to Chinese Climate Policy Data Update Presentation – 30 March 2023

Guide to Chinese Climate Policy – book presentation –  October 2022



David Ledesma talks to David Sandalow and Michal Meidan about their recent book, Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2022 which they co-authored with Dr Philip Andrews-Speed, Anders Hove, Sally Qiu and Edmund Downie. In the podcast they discuss the rationale for the book, the changes they note in China’s climate policy since the Guide was last published in 2019 as well as some of the contrasts in China’s climate policy. They talk about the ongoing importance of coal and the rapid roll out of renewables, changes in how China thinks about the Belt and Road and some of the key takeaways from the 2022 edition of the Guide to Chinese Climate Policy.

Listen to Guide to China’s Climate Policy 2022 co-authors David Sandalow and Edmund Downie discuss China’s role in facing the global challenge presented by climate change with Angel Hsu.

Guide to Chinese Climate Policy